Plaza Optical Welcomes “Tomato Glasses” – specialized glasses for kids

Tomato Glasses provide:

1: Shape Intelligence – The Tomato Active frame is made of a shape intelligence material. If kids play with it and twist it, the original shape comes back as if nothing happened.

2: Resilience – Because of the elastic resistance, when press is applied to the temple (ear piece) the initial position is automatically restored.

3: Adjustable – Tomato Active glasses are adjustable to perfectly fit the specific needs of children.

4: Weight – Tomato Active glasses are lightweight, weighing less than 8.0g.  The lightness of the glasses increases comfort

5: Nosepad Design – With it’s unique nosepad designed for babies and kids, Tomato Active glasses reduce sliding significantly when a child jumps or runs

Bring your child to Plaza Optical where our focus is on your family’s eyecare needs.

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